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April 15-July 12 7-9p

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IFA hosted the Youth Resiliency Leadership Academy

The Youth Resiliency Leadership Academy is designed to enhance and develop the leadership skills of African American transitional age youth ages 14 -20.  This program is unique in its approach and lecturing style as it embraces youth participants  “where they are” and supports them to become affective leaders and advocates in their communities.  Tova’s N.E.S.T understands firsthand the importance of culturally appropriate guidance and nurturing of these youth.   Tova’s N.E.S.T, Inc. utilizes current research and evidenced-based psychoeducation* along with “lived experiences” to assist in addressing some of the challenges and barriers to these young people reaching their full potential.  According to African American Friendship Inc. “Youth leadership must be an ongoing process in which young  people are engaged in building the skills, attitudes, knowledge,  and experiences that prepare them for the present and the future.”


Goals and Objectives
Through the completion of this program participants will be able to:

  • Have a new knowledge base which includes a holistic view of their growth and development (mental, emotional, spiritual, educational, financial, physical, etc.).
  • Utilize the Resiliency Leadership Ohio Resiliency definition and Resiliency Consensus Statement as a tool in guidance and support.
  • Understand the importance of African American history which includes understanding self as participants heal and grow beyond generational pain and trauma.
  • Have an understanding of who they are and embrace the role of spirituality in their lives.
  • Have a new understanding of the role and responsibility of a genuine leader and a posture of servitude in this role which includes but not limited to  respect and compassion for the people they serve.
  • Understand how to begin the process to identify their passion and move this passion to purpose.
  • Take some first steps as a culturally appropriate voice and advocate for change in their communities

Timeline:  The Youth Resiliency Leadership Academy is a 14 week program held bi-weekly.  A Certificate of Completion will be presented to those participants who complete the program.

Leadership looking forward

  • This alternative educational program provides an “out of school environment” which we hope will encourage these young people to further pursue educational opportunities beyond high school.
  • Additionally, Tova’s N.E.S.T along with community collaborators will provide additional guidance to participants after completion of program to identify: 
    • Community organization/agency for volunteerism
    • Secure a mentor
    • Networking of “like” Peers and community collaborations


In conclusion Tova’s N.E.S.T, Inc. is committed to this program and the youth who participate.  We appreciate our community collaborators who provide additional support and guidance.

Please feel free to contact Tova’s N.E.S.T, Inc. Founder and Executive Director at 614.73.8113












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